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What makes security operations successful?

This is what we set out to find with our 2022 Security Operations Benchmark Study conducted with industry partners. The results are in, and we’ve identified some of the key factors of success.

Join us for a lively discussion with actionable insights on May 5 at 2PM EDT, where we examine the study findings alongside our co-sponsors Topo.ai, Liferaft, and Regroup on a webinar hosted by Security Magazine.

The webinar will feature important benchmarking information from your peers in the security industry and also counts toward 0.1 IACET CEU.

Over the course of the webinar we expect you will:

  • Benchmark your own SecOps program alongside those of your
    peers across multiple categories, such as strategic and operational
    objectives, tools and technologies, mandates, structure, and more.
  • Assess your own SecOps program for persistent SecOps challenges and
    determine which are most important to mitigate.
  • Discuss the importance of measuring cost avoidance and ROI, with practical ideas from leading SecOps teams.
  • Identify the top factors most frequently linked to SecOps success – and lack
    of success.

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