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From Constant: Happy Independence Day

The United States’ Independence Day is coming up this weekend on July 4. For many, this means a long weekend of celebration. But operations centers are still running 24/7 despite the holiday, working hard to ensure public safety.

The Constant Team takes great pride in the work that we do to assist government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels so they can continue their vital tasks. We are dedicated to building the most functional operations centers to aid public safety, from real time crime centers and emergency operations centers to fusion centers that combine the efforts of multiple agencies at the federal level.

At the local level, police, fire, and emergency response agencies as well as utilities and local government offices may all combine efforts within operations centers to respond to critical incidents. On a national scale, agencies such as the CIA, FBI, and the USDOJ or military branches including the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy may work to share information with each other within command and control environments.

Monitoring information that helps keep our citizens safe is a constant task that requires the hard work of many individuals.  All over the country — and the world — there are people who work tirelessly to protect our freedoms. This time of year is a reminder to keep them in our thoughts.

Whether you are working or celebrating this holiday weekend, the Constant team wishes you a safe and happy Independence Day, and extends our thanks to those who work round the clock to keep our communities safe and secure.

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