Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Constant Technologies team has remained committed to providing the highest level of service for our clients, many of whom have had to work overtime in mission critical environments. Constant has been dedicated to providing beneficial content throughout the pandemic, highlighting the latest in command and control center news and trends.

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image of Constant president Brad Righi with main points from podcast

Podcast: State of the Mission Critical Industry with Brad Righi

It’s no understatement that the last several months have been a challenge to industries across the board, and the world of mission critical is no different. The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing shutdowns forced businesses to adapt in ways they never had before. While many have been able to work remotely during the pandemic, the operations centers Constant provides are…READ MORE.

image of command center with partitions for social distancing

Constant Offers Partitions for Social Distancing

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, critical operations must be able to continue uninterrupted. Unfortunately, practicing safe social distancing can be a challenge within these 24/7 spaces. Mission critical is already an ever-evolving industry. The pandemic …READ MORE.

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Podcast: Space Planning Post-COVID

The mission critical industry is no stranger to change. The technology used in these environments is ever-changing. One change that was unexpected, however, was the need for social distancing in the midst of a global pandemic. Typically, an operations center features rows or groupings of consoles situated close together. Now, that’s something we’ve had to adapt…READ MORE.

picture of console in operations center with text overlay

Keeping Console Surfaces Clean During COVID-19

Despite the pandemic, many operators in 24/7 mission critical centers are considered essential employees who are still working in person through the pandemic. Given this situation, sanitation has become more important than ever. At Constant, our top priority at this time is to offer as much support as possible, and that includes doing what we can to pass on information on how to keep safe …READ MORE.

people gathered in social media command center with large video wall

Social Media Centers and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Social Media Command Centers, often called “digital monitoring centers” or “listening centers,” are dedicated hubs for online conversations. Brands can use these hubs to monitor and respond to dialogue about the organization, consumer sentiment, and global trends. For the last several years social media…READ MORE.

layout plan view of an operations center with space for social distancing between operators

24/7 Operators Among the Many Returning to Office Spaces

It’s been a disruptive year, to say the least. Business plans for the year went out the window in March when lockdowns started across the country — and around the world. Operations were completely disrupted, with only critical staff still showing up for in-person work.While we may not be out of the woods yet, some organizations are beginning…READ MORE.

image of COVID-19 and title "Spiking Logistics Demand HIghlights a Need for Critical Monitoring"

Infographic: Spiking Logistics Demand Highlights a Need for Critical Monitoring

The sudden effects of COVID-19 and ensuing stay-at-home orders hit businesses of all types hard and fast. But there’s one industry that experienced explosive demand in spite of–in fact, because of– the circumstances: logistics. From online shopping to grocery delivery, consumers turned increasingly to remote shopping for…READ MORE.

public safety operations center with video wall and two console desks

Creating Future Proof Emergency Operations

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced emergency operations centers to deal with a converging crisis. While still dealing with standard EOC events, they now must also deal with the restrictions of coronavirus on top of that. Our recent experience with the pandemic has shown that to future-proof emergency operations…READ MORE.

curved operations center video wall

Security Operations During a Global Pandemic

Risk assessment is an everyday part of the job for security operators. Agility, quick response, and the ability to pivot is an important practice even under regular circumstances, let alone during a global pandemic. While each operations center has unique operating processes, there are many similarities in how security operations…READ MORE.

operations center with video wall featuring data monitoring dashboards

Data Monitoring: The Response to COVID-19

As society navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, data monitoring has become a critical element of tracking the pandemic. Universities, public health agencies, and organizations around the world have been hard at work mining data and presenting it in digestible formats. Data about COVID-19 is crucial to all types of organizations…READ MORE.

image of a conference room within an operations center with overlay saying COVID-19 2020 series

Mission Critical Collaboration: The Response to COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, collaboration is emphasized now more than ever. While many are relying on collaboration tools while working from home, there are also operators in command centers reporting to work every day. These operators use breakout spaces such as situation rooms…READ MORE.

image of a hospital command center with overlay stating COVID-19 2020 series

Healthcare Command Centers: The Response to COVID-19

From admission data to operating room schedules to patient movement tracking, there are myriad ways that mission critical technology is applied to improve patient care in hospitals. A central command center’s potential to improve patient care is multifaceted: with continuous digital monitoring…READ MORE.

healthcare command center featuring sit-stand adjustable height consoles and large video wall displaying healtchare information

AdventHealth: Mission Control’s COVID-19 Response

Our next post in the COVID-19 blog series will examine command centers in healthcare environments and how they are handling response to the virus. These unique environments are truly on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 and are proving an invaluable component of the healthcare system. An example of one such hospital command…READ MORE.

image digital monitoring center with overlay that says COVID-19 2020 series

Digital Monitoring Centers: The Response to COVID-19

Also sometimes called social media command centers or social media listening centers, these dedicated hubs are where operators monitor and respond to the conversations taking place online. These relevant conversations can range from dialogue around a company, to consumer sentiment, to global trends…READ MORE.

picture of operations center with tilt shift emphasizing the touch control panel

Touch Device Sanitation During COVID-19

Control panels, tablets, and other forms of touch screens can be found in every operations center. And despite the current pandemic, mission critical operators are still showing up to work to perform vital functions. Given the situation facing our customers across the globe, we’ve assembled a few tips…READ MORE.

cybersecurity operations center with overlay of COVID-19 2020 series

Cyber Security Operations Centers: The Response to COVID-19

As society becomes more dependent than ever on our digital tools, hackers are targeting our most vital form of connection. The internet has quickly shifted into the primary channel for conducting work as well as the main source for human interaction. Our increased dependency on the digital infrastructure…READ MORE.

image of emergency operations center with overlay of COVID-19 SERIES

Emergency Operations Centers: The Response to COVID-19

We’re beginning our series with a look into how emergency operations centers are responding to the outbreak. Now that the virus’ spread has officially been reached the level of a pandemic, emergency operations centers have been activated at the city and state level all over the country. These local EOCs … READ MORE.

image from the CDC depicting the coronovirus

How Operations Centers Aid Responsiveness to Disease Outbreaks

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has featured heavily in the news for much of 2020 so far. All the discussion brings a question to mind: how do mission critical systems respond when the potential for widespread public health events emerge? When public health emergencies arise, they can often overwhelm systems…READ MORE.

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