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2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season has already been a notable one. It is the first season on record to have 9 tropical storms form before August and 13 before September. The season, which officially started on June 1, will officially end on November 30.

Even just this last week, tropical storms Paulette and Rene formed in the Atlantic — the 16th and 17th storms in a record breaking season. This active season has also featured five hurricanes: Hanna, Isaias, Laura, Marco, and Nana. Typically, September is the peak month for hurricane season.

Emergency operations centers often have different levels of activation depending on the situation, ranging from monitoring to full-scale emergency response. Throughout hurricane season, emergency operations centers (EOC) are at the ready to deal with the impacts of storms.

Locally based EOCs communicate with larger operations on a state and national level to coordinate efforts and share resources and information. EOCs also coordinate immediate response efforts to emergency situations, including not only events at the height of the storm but also incidents that occur as a result such as flooding and mudslides.

EOC design plays a role in effectiveness

Before, during, and after hurricanes and other tropical storms, EOCs play a vital role. Emergency operations center design is important. Since an EOC is the central hub for incident preparation and response, it must be able to gather and share critical information, coordinate response initiatives, and manage personnel. Design of an emergency response environment can enable more efficient response, or hinder it. There are certain design choices, such as a large video wall and ergonomic furniture and space design, that can help your EOC’s productivity.

With the use of a command center video wall, operators in an EOC build can track and predict weather patterns and measure the potential impact of a storm. A centrally located video wall installation allows all operators within the space to view and collaborate on real-time information as it unfolds and quickly share the data with all relevant parties.

The emergency operations center furniture solutions used in your EOC installation can also contribute to efficiency. Space design and furniture arrangements should facilitate coordination between operators and allow a clear view to the data display wall for every person in the room. Additionally, the shifts during an emergency can be long and grueling. Furniture and video wall positions should be determined with ergonomics in mind so that operators can work without the added distraction of avoidable discomfort.

Constant’s emergency operations centers

At Constant, we know that public safety in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm can depend on an EOC running at peak efficiency. Staff in an emergency operations center must be able to display a variety of data on the operations center video wall so information can be aggregated and analyzed quickly to make potentially life-saving decisions. From EOC space design and ergonomic considerations to video wall systems and control room furniture, Constant Technologies provides you with what you need for a turnkey EOC installation that is ready to be activated at a moment’s notice.

Constant’s emergency operations center furniture solutions are custom designed to maximize collaboration within an EOC environment but can also easily adapt to a classroom or training environment for use when the EOC is not activated. Our design team will help you determine the best emergency operations center layout as well as technology rated for round-the-clock use.

With hurricane season at its peak, it is time to ensure your EOC is ready. To take the important first step in your emergency operations center project, contact us today.

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